Sadaf Tandoori Seasoning (Assaisonnement pour Tandoori) 85g


Sadaf Tandoori Seasoning (Assaisonnement pour Tandoori) 85g

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All Naturals.
No Salt Added.
No Food Coloring.
Tandoori seasoning is a mixture of Aromatic Spices commonly used in Indian Cuisin. Use for marinating or g4rilling Chickem, Lamb, Fish, or Shrimp.
Tandoori Chicken Recipe (Serves 4-5)
2 lb Cut boneless chicken
1Tbsp. Sadaf Tandoori Seasoning
2Tbsp. Oil or Sadaf Grapeseed oil
2tspn. Sadaf Lemon Juice
1/2 Cup Safaf Plain Yogurt.
Mix Tandoori Seasoning with plain yogurt in a bowl.
Add thelemon jiuce and oil to the mixture.
Add the Chicken or skewers or simply place in a broiler pan or oven and grill or broil until done.
Season with salt and pepper to taste, serve with cooked Sadaf Bastami Rice.

Weight 85 g
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 18 cm


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