Ozsari Freekeh – Firik 800g


Ozsari Freekeh – Firik 800g

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FREEKEH The wheat ears are cut from the roots above 10-15cm before the wheat matured and dried and collected in bundles. These collected bundles are heat-treated on the fire which made with burning of the stems. The Bundles are smoked with the fume came from the stems’ fire and charged with a very good aroma. The smutty aroma and crispness of the boiled, pounded unripe wheat are pulled the human in close. Due to firik is made from green baby wheat; it has more protein, vitamins and minerals than the regular wheat.
Freekeh (fire roasted green baby wheat) is a product manufactured naturally. Despite of modern equipments used during the cleaning process, it is not always possible to make completely free from the stone and foreign substances. We recommended that rinse and wash before using the product.
Ingredients: Fire roasted green baby wheat. Allergen Warning: Contains Gluten

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 14 × 18 × 6 cm


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