International Adaptor All-In-One


International Adaptor All-In-One

International Adaptor All-In-One. Protects your valuable electronic appliances from spikes and surges. Accepts earthed/unearthed plugs from dozen of countries. Caution : This product does not convert electrical current. You will require a converter or transformer for your single voltage appliance.
Important: do not connect more than one plug at a time when using this product. UNIVERSAL ADAPTER FOR WORLDWIDE. Europe, Middle East, Parts of Africa. S.America, Asia and The Caribbean. Great Britain, Ireland , Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore. Australia Fiji, New Zealand, China Parts of Japan. World Travel Adapter covers more than 150 Countries.
Surge Protectio, Safety Shutter, Power Indicator Light
Electrical rating: 125V,250V 13A. Outlet : Universal Includes Travel Pouch

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 16 cm


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